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You have the power to heal yourself

Reduce worries, anxiety and anguish

Address the root-cause

Cultivate meaningful relationships

Improve perfromance at work

Release repeating patterns from the past

Improve quality of sleep


  • Sound power – Repetitive notes at different frequencies using traditional sound bowls to accelerate healing process 
  • Breathing power – Advanced breathing techniques to ground and centre
  • Mind power – Use the power of your subconscious mind via creative visualization to cultivate new you
  • Soul power –  Balance seven energetic centres (chakras) to connect with your full potential

Become the sole creator of your life, learn truths and find your own answers.


What is Mindful hEALING?

Mindful healing works at the soul level to heal difficult emotions within consciousness

what do the souls from the tribe has to say?

 Our healed souls share their journey, their goals and how they overcame blockers by practising mindful healing.

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Suruchi Gupta

My frequent interactions with Sarika helped me evolve, refocus, and rebalance myself. There is a long road ahead of me, but one thing I’ve learned from her sessions is that with the right coach by your side, you can accomplish things that seemed impossible at the time, and in my case, that right person is Sarika Bhati.

Aparna Jha

I was stuck in endless loop and wasn’t able to move on in life. I was always looking for a deeper understanding of who I was and wanted to feel a stronger connection with myself. The aura and chakra cleanse were exactly what I needed to begin my journey toward taking better care of one important person: me

Ronak Duta

I was undergoing extreme amount of stress due to  overwhelming work life. I could not think of acheiving even five minutes of calm but with Sarika’s private sessions I was able to find my balance. I learnt how to apply chakras balancing techniques and the results are amazing. 

Johnathan Doe

When I first heard the words “peace of mind,” “self-acceptance,” and “meditation,” I couldn’t relate to them and had no idea how important they were. But after a few sessions with Sarika Bhati, she completely changed my perspective. Due to demanding nature of my work, chakra balancing came to me as a saviour.

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