Private healing

Six Personalized 60min sessions, specific to your journey

1. Examine patterns /themes that emerge often

2. Identify your triggers and root cause

3. Heal your inner child

4.Learn to love yourself unconditionally

5.Explore your shadow emotions without judgment

6. Build positive relation to self

Each session will include critical self-reflection exercise, growth techniques, healing meditation and self-work for the week.

Bonus: You get free access to tribe healing programs


You are tired of....

  • Not being able to find meaningful relationships
  • Slipping into unhealthy patterns again and again
  • Unable to utilize your full potential
  • Constantly living in place of fear
  • Mundane routines that leave you drained out

You will experience....

  • Being guided back to your core self
  • Solving problems in unique and wondrous ways
  • Using your “baggage” as the tool to set you free
  • Opening and allowing yourself to be fully immersed in the joy
  • Dreaming a whole new reality into being
  • Finding balance and enlightenment

Experience mindful healing

Experience private healing session now

Mindful healing works at the soul level to heal difficult emotions within consciousness


Private healing

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